Saturday, August 14, 2010

PS: Last time we checked . . .

A short follow-up to my last post about Newt Gingrich's simulated outrage over the Democrats' "abusive power grab" and "subverting the will of the people" (i.e., passing legislation with majority votes in the House and Senate).

In Newt's call for outraged citizens to demand that their congressmen take the pledge not to hold a lame duck session (like the one Newt called to impeach Bill Clinton), Newt also declares:

We know the Left are capable of using cheap tricks. We saw it during the health care reform debate. We know they are willing to ignore the will of the people. They ignored the town hall meetings and the clear signal the voters of Massachusetts sent by electing Scott Brown and passed the health care bill anyway. 

Right: Why bother electing those other 99 senators and 435 congressmen, when we can just ascertain the "will of the people" through a single special election of a senator in Massachusetts? (Or better, by reading Newt Gingrich's assertions of what the people really want, regardless of who they voted for in the last election?)

Just for the record, the Democrats not only still have a majority last time I checked, but hold greater majorities in both the House and the Senate than the Republicans have held in either house since . . . 1928. Here's the makeup of the House and Senate since 1928, Dems in blue, GOPs in red:

Composition of U.S. House of Representatives by Party, 1928 to 2008

Composition of U.S. Senate by Political Party, 1928 to 2008