Thursday, January 27, 2011

And don't forget to float a navy

Approximately two nanoseconds after arriving in Washington on their mission to save the country from corruption, socialism, taxes, spending, and unconstitutional runaway government that is threatening to destroy America and liberty as we know it, Tea Party-backed congressmen are beginning to sound like, well congressmen.

At a hearing yesterday, the new tea partyniks on the House Armed Services Committee boldly insisted that the Pentagon budget is not immune from the cuts needed to rein in "runaway spending."

Except, that is, for those parts of the Pentagon budget which involve spending in their own districts: By a remarkable coincidence, congressman after congressman explained that to cut programs or bases in their own districts would place at risk our men and women in uniform and fatally weaken our national defense.

After all, as Scott Rigell, a Tea Party-backed freshman congressman from Virginia (whose district includes the Norfolk naval base) explained, "as a first priority, it is our constitutional duty to stand an army."

Time for another reading-aloud of the Constitution, I guess!